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Medical Grade silicones LSRs: made for managing fluids with medical valves healthcare products

Fluid management in medical devices – such as tubing, catheters and valves – plays a critical role in healthcare and patient wellbeing. These products are often made of silicones because of their inherent characteristics: biocompatibility, chemical inertness, purity, high-performance physical properties and stability across a wide range of environmental conditions.

They can be used in many treatments: infusion therapy, critical care, catheterization, etc. The Elkem Silicones Silbione™ line of medical grade Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) materials enables manufacturers to design and produce a wide range of components and devices that meet the strict health and regulatory requirements of the medical market.  This means silicone elastomers are ideal materials for many key applications including valves, gaskets, and seals for fluid management. 

Our products include:

Silbione™ 4300 Series LSR

  • Designed to be injection molded for high volume manufacturing
  • High-performance physical properties across a wide spectrum of durometers (1ShA – 70ShA)
  • Excellent mold release properties
  • Little percentage change of physical properties after post-curing
  • High resiliency
  • Low compression set

Silbione™ 4700 Series Self-Bleeding LSR

  • Designed to be injection molded for high volume manufacturing
  • Creates a lubricious surface on the molded part after vulcanization
  • Built into the bulk LSR formulation, the self-bleeding lubricity eliminates the need for a secondary coating process to reduce friction coefficient
  • High-slip surface can help with secondary assembly processes
  • Long bleed life promotes longevity of the molded part and can help prevent slit healing over time or during sterilization
  • Delayed bleed feature enables easy and efficient parts molding without fouling, thus improving productivity
  • Can be customized in a range of durometers and load levels to help manufacturers achieve their exact performance requirements

Typical applications for the Silbione™ 4300 & 4700 Series LSR include:

  • Needleless or needle-free access valves
  • Check, duckbill, one-way, luer-activated, hemostasis and introducer types
  • Other fluid management systems
  • Diaphragms, O-rings, stoppers, plungers, seals, balloons

All Silbione™ materials are designed to meet the biocompatibility, quality and lot-to-lot consistency standards for medical applications. The Silbione™​ LSR 4300 & 4700 Series are manufactured in a clean environment, applying the 14949 guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for medical devices. They are also tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993/USP testing principles.

In short, Silbione™ grade silicones for fluid management meet the highest manufacturing standards, as defined and applied in the Elkem Silicones Quality Management System.

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