Silicones Protect and Enhance Leather.

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Sewing machine sewing an artificial leather.



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A dedicated product range for leather processing

Tanneries, leather goods manufacturers and shoemakers, as well as retailers and sports outlets, know that silicones enhance the look, feel, water resistance and durability of their products. Silicones give handbags a smooth luxury feel, while silicone wetters and spreaders ensure that leather coatings are uniformly distributed to make leather fashion articles look better. Other silicones incorporated into coatings keep fashion articles looking good by improving mar and abrasion resistance and by preventing tanning oils from migrating out of the leather. Leather tanned with appropriate silicone is made permanently waterproof, while maintaining its breathability.

Elkem Silicones provides leather makers with a full range of products for leather processing:

  • Amino-silicone for a soft and silky touch

  • Bluesil® FLD 1669 carboxy-silicone to render leather permanently waterproof, yet breathable

  • Carbinol-silicone to modify polyurethane coatings

  • Polyether silicones for ease of application and uniform coverage of coatings

  • Silicone gums and resins for mar and abrasion resistance

  • Silicone oils for instant shine.

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Antifoam / DefoamerA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubblesSilcolapse® antifoams and defoamers.Antifoam / Defoamerhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/antifoam-defoamer.aspx
Casting PapersGive a spotless design to your surface with our silicones solutions for casting papers. Casting Papershttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Casting-Papers.aspx
Raw MaterialsClose on transparent silicon containing bubbles.How can silicone raw materials improve chemical manufacturing ?Raw Materialshttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/raw-materials.aspx
SoftenersThree fuzzy and soft looking white towels rolled up. Silicones soften fabrics to make comfortable clothes.Softenershttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/softeners.aspx
Synthetic LeatherGive the final touch to your synthetic leather with siliconesSynthetic Leatherhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Synthetic-Leather.aspx



Defoamer for Chemical IndustriesA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/CaseStudies/Defoamer -for-Chemical-Industries.aspxDefoamer for Chemical IndustriesThe chemical industry has to produce a growing range of sustainable products using very different processes that use less essential resources. Our Silcolapse® line is used as a defoamer in numerous processes.



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Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsSewing machine sewing an artificial leather.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/Artificial-Leather-Coating-Solutions.aspxArtificial Leather Coating SolutionsElkem Silicones coating for faux leather : Durable and Ecofriendly solutions.



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