Silicone inks for a more environmentally friendly printing industry.

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Setting new quality and environmental standards with silicone inks

In recent years, textile manufacturers have eliminated the use of PVC resins and plasticizer based systems in their inks for environmental reasons (phthalates) and because they may be uncomfortable for skin contact. Our Textile Coating Silicones (TCS) are particularly well suited to replace these products because they offer formulators, inks that are esthetically pleasing, safe for human beings and environmentally friendly. All our textile ink and coating products comply with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.

Elkem Silicones formulations are used in a wide range of textiles, from raw and dyed fabrics and knits to finished products, such as clothing, household fabrics, specialty technical fabrics, textile toys and many other everyday items.

Silicone-based inks and coatings enhance finished products by making them more durable over a wide range of temperatures and are therefore resistant to ironing and washing. They also make textiles feel gentler and smoother. Our silicones are easy to process, ready for use as formulations and will cure in very little time, often less than a minute. They can be used in a wide range of processes, including screen, gravure and transfer printing.

Silicones are also widely used as processing aids to facilitate ink spreading, avoid foaming and enhance surface characteristics to provide properties such as abrasion resistance. Elkem Silicones also offers manufacturers patented photoinitiator technology for curing in specialty UV ink formulations. These inks are becoming an industry favorite because they speed up processing and provide precision performance on all surfaces, including textile prints and 3D applications.

The Elkem Silicones range of ingredients and formulations for textile inks and coatings includes:

  • Bluesil™ TCS (Textile Coating Silicones), specially engineered formulations used in textile inks and coating applications on various substrates.
  • Bluesil™ PI 2074, a cationic photoinitiator used with epoxy resins, vinyl ethers or other types of oligomers. It is useful to formulate inks, pigmented coatings or varnishes.
  • Silcolease™​​ UV POLY 110, a 100% reactive release coating chemistry based on acrylate-modified silicone copolymer technology. It features instant and complete UV curing offering the final cured coating non-stick or anti-mar benefits.


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