Safe and reliable self-adhesive silicones for your hygiene applications

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Silicones with long lasting properties for your consumers' wearing comfort!​

Hygiene products whether for feminine or baby care must be completely reliable and secure for consumers. Elkem Silicones supplies high quality products that comply with biocides, ReACH and skin contact regulations for the safety and the well-being of our end-users. 

Silicones are used as adhesive strip protections, whether on feminine or baby hygiene products, they are chosen and needed for their self-adhesive properties. Silicone release coatings prove vital to allow the use of self-adhesive products for end products that are easy and efficient to use. One of the main requirements for users is the feeling of comfort and freedom of movements while wearing such products, silicones will deliver a soft touch to the substrate and are skin contact friendly. 

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