High Temperature Coatings

High temperature silicone resin and paints resist up to 600°C.

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A motorcycle exhaust pipe with blue painting coating.



High temperature resistant coatings with specially formulated silicone resins

Barbecues, fireplaces, radiators, car and truck body parts and other equipment exposed to extreme temperatures need special paints to resist the elements and stand the test of time. Exposed surfaces, particularly those subject to hot-cold cycling, are also particularly prone to corrosion.  Special paints are used to accommodate these thermal aggressions.

The Elkem Silicones Bluesil™​ RES line of silicone resins are specially formulated to meet these needs and resist temperatures of up to 600oC. This line of products includes:

BLUESIL RES 6405 a resin designed to resist continuous service temperatures up to 600°C, ideal for the formulation of high-temperature paints for industrial applications.  Also available in a choice of solvent (BLUESIL RES 6405 X).

BLUESIL RES 6406XM may be used where temperature requirements are not so extreme, up to 500°C.

BLUESIL RES 8152P a silicone resin which offers low viscosity, facilitates impregnation and coating flexibility. Its excellent dielectric properties make it a product of choice for impregnating glass-cloth braids, flexible sleeving and braided cables for electrical applications. It is also suitable for the manufacture of flexible insulating materials and can be used in high-temperature industrial paints exposed to continuous service temperatures of 400-600 °C.

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