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Choose silicones release liner for your self-adhesive graphic arts

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Self-adhesive art made possible with silicones​

The graphic arts are all around us, on displays, cars, trains, in-store advertising, homes etc. This pressure sensitive application uses the substrate of choice such as clay coated kraft papers or PE coated papers. At Elkem Silicones we have the products and knowledge to help you coat on the substrates which will give you a high quality result and the release you want for your application. You need a product that can perform well especially if you have structured liners.

Types of Graphic Arts:

  • Decorative Vinyl
  • Wall paper
  • Stickers / decals
  • Wall decal

Our Silcolease® Solvent-Based Thermal range offers :

  • Excellent anchorage
  • Smooth and even coverage at very low coating weights
  • Controlled release levels
  • Adapted co-efficient of friction 
  • Low temperature curing to ensure dimensional stability of substrate


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Graphic Arts



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