Food Contact Rubber

A versatile food-contact rubber that comply with the strictest safety regulations.

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High-performance rubber silicone for food contact applications

Silicone are used at all stages in the food processing and preparation cycle: by large-scale industrial facilities, restaurants, bakeries, as well as for home cooking. Upstream, for example, they are used by industrial food processors as release agents because of their non-stick and anti-slip properties to detach food efficiently and cleanly from molds and cooking trays.

Indirectly, industrial food processors use silicones as surface components in conveyor belts that allow them to be specifically designed to have the right anti-slip and anti-stick characteristics. Silicones are also highly efficient sealants for equipment operating in extreme conditions, from the cold room to high-pressure and high-temperature cookers.

At the next level, food compatible polymers are used by smaller food-makers, such as bakeries, and restaurants. In these applications, silicone food contact materials are used on cookware, baking pans and as sealants in food packaging. At home, silicones are also used in cooking and kitchenware, but beyond, they are actually used in tableware or as baby-bottle feeding teats or nipples.

These silicone products, whether for commercial or home applications, contain only food grade components and comply with strict national and international regulations. They are easy to use, safe to handle, odorless and do not modify food properties.

Elkem Silicones food-compatible silicone rubber provides you with the following features:

  • Efficient anti-slip and non-stick properties
  • Strict compliance to food regulations of all major countries
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Heat stability to 200 °C (which can be increased up to 300 °C using specific additives)
  • Exceptional ageing resistance (even under extreme conditions)
  • Great versatility in uses and applications
  • Harmless components due to the inorganic Si-O-Si chain
  • Washable parts in food contact to ensure cleanliness and hygiene

Elkem Silicones provides silicone master batches offering benefits for both industrial processors (short curing time, compliance to regulations) and end users (tested and certified compatibility). Elkem Silicones takes special care to ensure the highest levels of manufacturing and quality control, in order to guarantee that its range of elastomers corresponds to user needs and complies with the special requirements of each application.

These include:

  • Absence of cross-contamination
  • High levels of filtration
  • Specific testing protocols and processes.

These actions are an integral part of the Elkem Silicones ISO 9001 certified quality policy.

Tests for aqueous and fat-rich environments are carried out according to regulatory obligations:

  1. US – FDA, 21CFR §177.2600 & §178.3297
  2. Germany –  BfR, Chapter IX – XV – LII
  3. France – French Decree of November, 25th 1992 & Circular n°176
  4. Europe – AP(89)1; AP(2004)5 & 10/2011

Compliance to food contact regulations is based on:

  • Master Batches made to international and national standards
  • Ratios and conditions of curing and post-curing (temperature, duration etc.) recommended by Elkem Silicones.

Statements of compliance are available on request.

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Food Contact Rubber



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