Silicone provide the final touch for fabric clothing.

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A sewing machine used by the fashion industry.



Get the perfect finish for your apparel fabric

Elkem Silicones offers a wide range of products for various stages of the textile manufacturing process. From dimethyl fluids for lubrication, antifoams and amino fluids for softening. These products bring unique advantages to the textile manufacturing process for natural and synthetic fibers, fabrics and blends. With Elkem's products, fabrics will be soft to the touch, smooth drape, elasticity, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity. In addition, our local teams are available to respond to your needs.

Elkem Silicones offers a wide range of solutions for the fashion industry that help make textiles soft, water repellent, durable, resistant to abrasion, skin friendly and easier to process.

Elkem Silicones enhance apparel:

• Silbione™​​​ TCS anti-slip products keep stockings in place​

• Bluesil™​ TCS Durable Water Repellents, wet abrasion resistance, soft handling and can be sprayed as an after-treatment

Silicones are also used to make trendy watches, bands, rings and other jewelry items.

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Artificial LeatherGive the final touch to your artificial leather with siliconesArtificial Leather
Casting PapersGive a spotless design to your surface with our silicones solutions for casting papers. Casting Papers
SoftenersThree fuzzy and soft looking white towels rolled up. Silicones soften fabrics to make comfortable clothes.Softeners
Textile FinishingClose on a blue attractive draping textile.Softener, water repellent and non-yellowing, many missions for the textile finishing.Textile Finishing
WearablesExtend the life of wearable devicesWearables



Silicone Anti-SlipBlack socks with pink antislip silicone design. Anti-SlipHigh-grip properties of silicones to meet end users’ product needs.





Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsSewing machine sewing an artificial leather. Leather Coating SolutionsElkem Silicones coating for faux leather : Durable and Ecofriendly solutions.