Silicone envelopes release agents cover the self-adhesive strip and protect your mail.

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Easy to use release agents for your self-adhesive envelopesEnvelopes come in all sizes and shapes: postal, windowed, security envelopes, padded mails, mailing bags… As consumers, they are part of our daily lives and whether we need to send confidential papers, invoice mails or love letters, we all have one requirement: the seal must withstand the transport and handling all the way to the recipient of the mail.Most of the time, the seal is self-adhesive and the strip is then covered by a release paper coated with silicones of the “peel off part”, the same type of silicone release paper is also often used for stamps. Silicone is the material of choice to ensure an optimal release to protect and avoid tearing of the protective  tape.One technology of choice for this application is our SILCOLEASE™ Emulsions range which offers unique benefits for paper machine applications:Easy and safe formulation and processingExcellent wetting, water resistance, coverage, release and low foamingIdeal for coating open porous papers and PET films in lineUsed by customer who have a direct/reverse gravure or metering rod coating method and use a thermal curing methodContact our SILCOLEASE™​ experts to know more about our other solutions that will meet your needs and requirements.  
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