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Defoaming products for drilling fluids and muds

Drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, is used in geotechnical engineering to make it easier to bore holes into the earth. Extensively used in oil and natural gas rigs, they are also used to dig water wells or sample geological strata. Drilling fluid is a viscous mixture that shifts rock to the surface and lubricates and cools drill bits. It provides hydrostatic pressure and is surface active, meaning that it is very prone to producing foam.

Silicone formulations are used to lower this surface tension and introduce lubricity into the mud, thus defoaming and eliminating air in the drilling fluid. Silicones provide particularly efficient foam-control properties that enhance productivity and process reliability, prevent cavitations (bubbles or liquids that cause harmful implosions in pump parts) and therefore contribute to reducing wear-and-tear and maintenance costs.

For over 40 years, Elkem Silicones has been developing and producing its full-range line of Silcolapse™ defoamers and a range of Bluesil™ fluids used for special applications exposed to extreme weather conditions. Our technical experts will support and advise you to ensure the good performance of your drilling processes.

Silcolapse™ foam control agents are efficient over a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, stabilizing pump pressure and eliminating potential interferences caused by foam. Benefits of Silcolapse™​ solutions in drilling include:

  • High active content and versatile control
  • Excellent de-aeration performance
  • Reduced dosage for effective action
  • Enhanced process reliability
  • Easy to use products due to low viscosity 
  • Reducing waste and energy consumption
  • Facilitating recycling and end-of-process reuse
  • Protecting people and equipment by reducing cavitation, spillage and other hazards.


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Drilling fluid



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