Silicones for Dielectric Applications.

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A set of electrical transformers, capacitors and resistors using silicone based technology



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​Made-to-measure silicones for insulation and cooling

Silicones are extremely efficient as insulation and cooling materials for electrical transformers and power distribution equipment, such as switch boxes, chokes, capacitors and resistors. They are especially reliable in sensitive environments - public places, densely-populated areas, hard-to-reach locations – where they play a critical role in protecting people and property because they offer thermal stability, higher flash and ignition points and less heat and smoke emissions in case of fire.

Elkem Silicones has developed a full range of ingredients and formulations, including Bluesil® oil for submerged transformers, to insulate and cool high and medium-voltage electrical equipment. These products offer:  

  • Excellent dielectric properties, as well as thermal and aging stability

  • Chemical inertia and strength

  • Efficient heat transfer properties over a wide temperature range

  • Lower flammability and ignition points

  • Less propagation, lower emissions and smoke in case of fire

  • Secure protection of critical spaces due to low heat spread

  • Environmentally friendly features and safety for people

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Bluesil FRC 8470A low smoke zero halogeen cable (LSZH) in fire.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/Bluesil-FRC-8470.aspxBluesil FRC 8470Innovative HCR in safety cables saves lives.



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