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Charming Impact

If your goal is to create uncompromised make up, you have found your whispered ingredients!  Mirasil® Makeup Beauty Enabler are sensory enhancers and functional ingredients.  Color cosmetics are the product group where different silicone technologies are essential ingredients that strive to maximize or bring reality close to product conceptual limits.  There are profoundly different in validated performance and they can be used together in the same formulations. 

Functions and benefits

  • Enhanced spreadability and rub out

  • Smooth light and soft feel

  • Detackification

  • Water repellency

  • Transfer resistance

  • Shine

  • Optically reduction of the appearance of fine lines and other skin imperfections

  • Pigment dispersant

Mirasil®​ Makeup Beauty Enablers are categorized by substituted functionalities or functions in color cosmetics as follows: 

  • Classical methylated silicones

  • Performance concentrates

  • Emulsifiers

  • Amino functional silicones

  • Amino silicone emulsions

  • Alkyl functional silicones

  • Phenyl functional silicones

  • Multifunctional silicones

  • Spherical silicone powder

  • Silicone gel​

Product solving
Hair Care



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