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Silicones Coating for Industrial Conveyor Belt

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​Keep goods in position !

The use of industrial conveyor belts has increased as a variety of industries move to implement more automation. Warehouses, factories and even sushi bars widely use conveyor belts to improve productivity, create safer working conditions, and save labor time. 

An industrial conveyor belt is intended to take goods from point to point, keep them in position and release from the belt without damage at the appropriate point in the process. As industries increase the level of automation, the needs for conveyor belts also expands. The coating on the belting is a critical component to ensure belts meet the needs of the application. High-quality silicones provide both the non-stick release properties as well as an anti-slip high grip surface required in conveyor belts. 

Elkem Silicones has a full range of dedicated Bluesil™​ TCS products to meet the most stringent requirements of your industry. Our Bluesil™​  TCS solutions are easy to handle and provide excellent adhesion to the textile substrate. Products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures of manufacturing processes (+260°C, -70°C). The high mechanical properties of the Bluesil™​ TCS products provide superior durability and performance.   

Discover newly launched in Europe Silbione™ TCS 7541​​​, a food contact compliant silicone technology developed specifically for fabric based conveyor belts Silbione™​ TCS 7541​ has high mechanical properties and superior thermal resistance ensuring beltings longevity in application. 

Benefit of our dedicated Bluesil™​ TCS​ product line:

  • Adhesion to various substrates (nylon, polyester, glass, aramids)
  • High elongation and good retention after thermal ageing 
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Food contact compliant 
  • Solventless technology 
  • High mechanical properties 
  • Good adhesion on various substrates without primer 
  • Ability to add fillers and pigments 
  • Ease of processing 

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Conveyor Belt



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