Casting Papers

Give a spotless design to your surface with our silicones solutions for casting papers. 

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Discover our SILCOLEASE®​ range for an easy and even release of your casting papers

​​Casting papers give a unique texture to your different surfaces such as synthetic leathers, vinyl products or decorative laminates. The design given to the surface, whether it is plain or embossed, is achieved by curing the sheets. At this step of the process, the papers will have to face heat up to 120°C, so silicones are a key processing aid thanks to their great resistance to high temperatures. 

Our SILCOLEASE® products ensure an optimal and uniform release of the different layers without transferring onto the decorated surface. But not only do they protect your surfaces and improve your productivity, our release agents also provide a glossy look and a high-end finishing to the final products. The decorative effect of the finished products, giving for example the soft touch in phone cases, handbags or belts comes from the silicone release liner.​

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Casting Papers



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