Bakery Release Paper

Non-stick coating for bakery release paper.

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Set of muffins wrapped in bakery release paper using BluestarSilicones silicones



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Silicone Bakery Release Solutions

Commonly found in muffin cups, parchment paper and baking trays, this non-stick coating is widely used to prevent baked goods from sticking to baking liners, trays and tins.

Our Silcolease™​ range of silicones for bakery release paper is hygienic and safe for food processing. The water-repellent, nonstick coating it creates on paper eases baking, food removal and cleanup. Plus the paper can be used once or many times. Other silicones can also create hard or rubber-like release coatings on baking trays and tins to suit your unique food-preparation requirements.

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Bakery release



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