Silicone increasing cars performance in the automotive industry.

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How silicones are driving the automotive market forward

Elkem Silicones products are used in a wide array of parts and components in cars and other vehicles, including heavy-duty road and off-road automotive equipment. The reliability and stability of silicones make them ideal for use in critical areas, from power-train sealing and gaskets to hoses, via windshield linings, cables, ignition sets, airbag cushion coatings and in many other key applications.

Silicones make cars safer, more reliable and more comfortable in many ways. They are also used upstream in various manufacturing processes, such as tire demolding, and they enter into consumable products such as lubricants where they enhance performance and increase the durability of engines. Silicones also contribute to weight reductions and lower emissions. In short, they play an essential role in improving practically all aspects of manufacturing in the automotive industry.

Here are a few examples for the use of silicones in cars and transport vehicles:

Airbags: Bluesil™ TCS products deliver the best and most durable compatibility with nylon and polyester textile substrates. They are used to ensure airbag cushions inflate in a split second at the time of deployment and contribute to reducing the size and weight of airbags.

Cables: Elkem Silicone LV 112 (class E & F) and LV 216 automobile compliant silicones are used in a wide range of automotive cables for:

  • General-purpose wiring and cabling, including batteries, lighting, HVAC, injection systems, etc.
  • ABS sensor cables, air-bag safety systems
  • Engine control systems, including fuel pumps immersed in fuel tanks
  • Data cables for onboard IT and entertainment systems.

Hoses: Bluesil HD 1060 and HD 1070 series and the MB 700, 600 and 300 line of solutions have been specifically designed for demanding applications under the hood for use in a wide range of hoses in passenger vehicles as well as in “Heavy Duty” automotive applications:

  • Turbocharger and cooler hoses
  • Exhaust gas recycling systems
  • Intercooler and engine seals
  • Gaskets

Tire manufacturing: The Lyndcoat™​ range of silicones is used in mold releases, bladder coatings, bladder paints, as repair agents, in paints and band-ply lubricants and for improved bladder centering and air evacuation. They optimize productivity, efficiency and aesthetics through defect rate and waste reduction, lower the total cost of operations, increase production capacities with minimal or no capital expenditures and ensure clean and safe processing.

Elkem Silicones Mix & Fix™​ centers, closely respond to customer needs in the automotive industry. Besides supplying master batches, they advise customers and provide them with custom-made formulations from the company’s entire silicone range, with very short lead times that meet carmakers’ specifications and are compatible with their manufacturing and regulatory requirements.

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