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Silicone release coatings enhance liners for bitumen and road construction

Aggressive “mass adhesives” such as bitumen, mastics and hot melt PSAs need easy release silicone systems to allow simple and efficient application. These very sticky materials are used, for example, to protect residential and commercial buildings, to bond and seal ceilings, walls, floor tiles, plywood panels, concrete, asphalt, leather and fabrics.

The Silcolease™ range of release coatings is used on a wide range of substrates to create non-stick liners, but in particular on synthetic films for bitumen rolls and self-adhesive tiles.  This enables pre-formed bitumen layers, for example, to be applied and installed easily because of the premium release performance of silicone coated films. Various technologies are used in these formulations – solvent based, solvent-free (UV) or others – to deliver required performance, such as premium slow speed release values or reduced zipping effect.

The Elkem Silicones range of ingredients and formulations for aggressive “mass adhesives” such as bitumen, mastics and hot melt PSAs includes:

Silcolease™ UV Poly 220, 100% reactive release coating chemistry based on an epoxy silicone copolymer, offering excellent anchorage on difficult low-surface energy substrates, used as a base polymer for UV curing release coatings on films and papers for bulk adhesives, bitumen, floor tiles, etc.

Silcolease™ UV RCA 200, 100% reactive release coating chemistry based on an epoxy silicone copolymer offering, in combination with our patented photoinitiator UV technology, a highly reactive system with excellent anchorage on difficult low-energy filmic substrates.

Silcolease™ Poly 7420, a Pt thermal curing silicone polymer diluted in an aliphatic solvent intended for release applications for papers, plastic films and various substrates, used in industrial-type backings such as tapes.

Silcolease™​​ Poly 365, a Pt thermal curing solvent-free silicone polymer used for release coating of papers, films and various substrates, specially designed to give excellent cure performance with Optima Concept components, allowing easy release for many industrial tape applications.

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