Artificial Leather

Give the final touch to your artificial leather with silicones

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Go green, use artificial leather !

Artificial Leathers offer an alternative to traditional textiles with a modern look, comfortable feel, and they are much easier to clean and care for.

Bluesil™ Textile Coating Silicones can be used in numerous specialty applications for furniture, in automobiles and medical environment, or to cover large surface areas and silicones have multiple roles to play in the process of delivering high quality end products:


Silicones are extremely durable, they resist to harsh conditions or when left outside all summer long. Any piece of furniture or mattress will keep its shape and quality look, longer!


The specific nature of silicone coatings provides a pleasant flexible and warm skin feel, most appreciated by consumers. Ideal for a sunbed!


Silicone elastomeric coatings are skin friendly, contain no phthalates, solvents or harmful chemicals. They offer fire-resistance and will not release toxic chemicals when they burn. Babies will love to crawl on them!

Easy to maintain

Silicones are inherently hydrophobic, waterproof and protect in case of accidental spillage so they are also very easy to clean and care for, no hassle!

Artificial leathers are often chosen for their ability to cope with the high volumes & quality needs and silicones, since they are very easy to handle, almost ready to use, make the process cost efficient, while allowing some savings on the quantity of material used!​

Also discover our Silcolease™​ silicones release agents range to enhance the look and the feel of your artificial leather finished products. Our silicones will ensure that the casting sheets used to give the necessary leathery effect to your substrate are uniformly released from the substrate. Silicones also give to synthetic leather its glossy effect and ease its handling as they are waterproof and abrasion resistant.​

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Artificial Leather



AutomotiveDetail of an engine Intake car.Silicone increasing cars performance in the automotive industry.Automotive
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SportswearA group of runners trying out their new silicone coated sportswear.Sportswear secret for specific technical advantage.Sportswear
Technical TextilesA waterrepealent red technical textile with drop of water beading on it without infiltrating.Innovative coating for technical textiles.Technical Textiles



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