Architectural Molding

Silicones Architectural Molding Solutions.

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Picture of the inside of a bathroom with old style "faux stones" with an indian style statue.



Flexible molding with new technologies for recreating the past

Architectural molding is the art of manufacturing construction elements that resemble high value materials, such as stone or marble, using concrete or gypsum. Single stones or entire facades can be replicated simply by casting a concrete formulation into a silicone mold. This means that architects and art restorers can recreate a multitude of "faux stones", from antique to rusticated and patinated stones, realistically and cost-effectively.

The Bluesil™​​ RTV-2 range has been specifically designed to replicate stones and other construction materials, producing outstanding fidelity for every detail, including veins and surface texture. The various grades of architectural molding silicones enable builders to replicate accurately the look while providing excellent resistance against casting materials.

  • Ease of processing

  • Resin resistant increasing the number of castings

  • Low linear shrinkage for greater accuracy

  • Easy release of shapes, including for large pieces

  • High compatibility with water-rich casting materials such as gypsum

  • Increased compatibility with high performance concrete.


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Architectural Molding



Advanced MoldingElkem Silicones produces high quality advanced mold-making products for the most demanding applications. Advanced Molding




Lost wax molding technique using silicone in one of Pietrasanta's bronze foundry.,-art-foundry-processing-specialist.aspxDitta Mancini AgnesePietrasanta, in the Italian region of Tuscany, is renowned for its sculptors and skilled bronze foundries, using silicones for lost-wax molding.