Durability and reliability of silicones for automotive airbags.

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Two dummies in a car before an airbag crash test.



Silicone Solutions for Airbags

Silicones are used in airbags because of their reliability over a vehicle's lifespan. Airbag coating silicones and airbag sealing silicones from Elkem Silicones are designed to deliver the best and most durable compatibility with nylon and polyester textile substrates.

Elkem Silicones offers silicones to coat textiles that form airbag cushions. The coating provides thermal protection against the inflator, enables controlled permeability and helps ensure mechanical integrity. We also offer silicones for airbag sealing as well as for heat shields and reinforcement patches.

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AutomotiveDetail of an engine Intake car.Silicone increasing cars performance in the automotive industry.Automotive
Technical TextilesA waterrepealent red technical textile with drop of water beading on it without infiltrating.Innovative coating for technical textiles.Technical Textiles



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Airbag SiliconesPicture of an airbag after being triggered. SiliconesAchieving optimal, durable silicone adhesion onto difficult airbag substrates.







New Textile Coating Silicone for Airbags Textile Coating Silicone for AirbagsDiscover the latest of our textile coating silicones for airbag: durability, low stiffness and improved adhesion