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We can help you find the most adapted solutions for your activity from our full spectrum of silicone solutions for adhesive applications.

For the adhesive market, you need a material that will adhere to your substrate to provide a strong bond and perform the specific targeted function. Therefore, you need to choose an outstandingly versatile material! Silicones is the material of choice that can be used to design adhesives providing short-term (e.g. medical device) to long-term (e.g. architectural) adhesion.

The inherent properties of silicones brought by their unique chemical structure enable bonding of diverse and frequently completely different materials. The flexibility of silicones is key when you need high product performance whatever the expansion or the contraction of your substrate surface.

The properties that silicones offer :

  • Durability over lifetime

  • Chemical, electrical and weather resistance

  • Stability at a wide range of temperatures

  • Great adhesion to diverse substrates

  • Outstanding tackiness on skin and atraumatic removal

With our silicones used to create permanent sealing & bonding solutions you can access a multitude of utilizations ranging from basic household needs to high-tech applications in outer space (Healthcare, Tapes, Laminating & Bonding, Aerospace, Electronic, Construction... ). These solutions are branded under our CAF® & Bluesil™ ranges.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) and Soft Skin Adhesives (SSA) gels are branded in the Silcolease® and the Silbione® ranges and use the full potential of silicone materials' advantages. Silicones have unique physical & mechanical properties and their high temperature resistance, biocompatibility and permeability help you achieve the performance you need. We will help you find the silicone solution most suited for your needs depending on whether you require high shear (temperature resistance), high tackiness, high peel or a tailor-made combination of the three.  Silicones offer performance where other materials would fail.

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HygieneSafe and reliable self-adhesive silicones for your hygiene applicationsHygiene
PhotovoltaicA photovoltaic panel.Photovoltaic and Concentrated Photovoltaic Panels must be productive, long lasting and resist extreme weather conditions.Photovoltaic
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Sealing, Bonding & Industrial AssemblyPicture of a white industrial robotic arm in a top end technological factory.​Industrial Sealing and Bonding Applications.Sealing, Bonding & Industrial Assembly





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Silcolease® Optima SolutionsPicture of a label with silicone release coating being neatly and easily pulled of from a cardboard box.® Optima SolutionsSilcolease® XL 325 and 327