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Skin friendly adhesive bandages.

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Adhesive bandages using silicone gel help to reduce pain and irritations

Silicone Soft Skin Adhesives enable adhesive bandages to stay firmly in place, but also allow for easy removal.  This seemingly contradictory concept was previously not possible with traditional adhesives.

Traditional adhesives, often based on acrylic chemistry, have a low conformability to skin, which means that their adhesion to skin will increase over time. This results in a painful removal of the bandage, as well as making them nearly impossible to reposition.

On the other side, Silicone Soft Skin Adhesives are very soft and conform to the skin directly for a gentle adhesion and atraumatic removal - which is why they are also being used for Advanced Wound Care applications.

Elkem Silicones extended its range of Silbione™ RT Gel products to answer the needs of consumer bandage manufacturers & users:

  • Medical grade silicone formulation
  • Holding tightly on the skin during everyday movements
  • Painless to remove, not pulling hair or skin and reducing irritation
  • Does not leave residues on skin
  • Repositionable, allowing to have a look at what's below
  • Efficient at low coatweights to keep the manufacturing costs in check

All of these factors make Silbione™​ RT Gel products particularly suitable for a wide range of applications comprising:

  • Traditional OTC bandages & plasters
  • First aid tapes
  • Post-operative dressings
  • Orthoptics Eye patches
  • Cosmetic patches and masks

Our product range includes:

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Adhesive bandages



Skin AdhesivesSurgical tape using silicone skin adhesive.Silicone Products for Skin Adhesives.Skin Adhesives



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