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​Profitability, Quality and Reliability

As a tire manufacturer, finding ever more efficient ways to increase productivity and to lessen defect rates are the main challenges for your competitiveness in the global market.

With more than 30 years of experience, Bluestar Silicones has designed our LYNDCOAT® range of tire-release agents to meet your needs for productivity, quality and reliability, thanks to our dedicated team of engineers working in close cooperation with our clients to help optimize your processes.

Bluestar Silicones’ comprehensive range of LYNDCOAT® tire-release agents can be tailor made and specifically optimized to fit your particular performance requirements by our engineers.

Thanks to Bluestar Silicones fully integrated supply chain and our worldwide production, you will benefit from secure supply of our LYNDCOAT® release agents.

Bluestar Silicones proudly presents its newly updated single-release technology: LYNDCOAT® BR1214 reactive inside paint at Tire Technology 2017 in Hannover, Germany in February.

LYNDCOAT® BR1214 is clean operating, providing perfectly clean tires after cure because it is transparent when dry, free of flake-off, and avoids build-up.  You can reduce waste, prolong the bladder life and improve the quality of your operation with this ready-to-use tire-release lubricant.

You can obtain perfectly shaped tires and reduce your defect rates thanks to the outstanding slip effect of LYNDCOAT® BR1214 for perfect bladder centring.

Compared to traditional, heavily filled inside paints, you can reduce your consumption with LYNDCOAT® BR1214 by up to half.

Visit us at Tire Technology Expo, booth #C406, from 14th to 16th February 2017, to talk to our experts to discover our range of LYNDCOAT® solutions and to learn how we can help you to optimize your processes.

About Bluestar Silicones

With worldwide operations headquartered in Lyon, France, Bluestar Silicones is a $650 million worldwide silicones raw material manufacturer. The company is one of the world's leading fully integrated global silicones manufacturers with more than 60 years of silicone expertise. Bluestar Silicones has manufacturing operations throughout the world and combines upstream silicon metal operations and capacity with downstream silicone market and application development expertise. The company offers a comprehensive range of silicone technologies in support of diverse specialty markets including paper release, textile coatings, healthcare, moldmaking, automotive, aerospace, and personal care. Bluestar Silicones is owned by Elkem AS, Norway.

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