Problem Solving in Release Coating Applications

We have listed the most commonly encountered problems in release coating and how to solve them.






Technical know howTechnical know how

Are you having problems with Release Coating Application?

Release force issues? Bad curing? Telescoping? This document is for you! 

There are few challenges that are commonly associated with end use of silicones products for release applications against pressure sensitive adhesives, but each of them has many contributing factors, and many are interlinked.

The Silcolease range is unique in its ability to cover all technologies used in silicone release coatings: Solventless thermal, Solventless radiation, Emulsion and Solvent.

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Discover our recommendations for problems commonly encountered     

  • Release Force
  • Bad curing/Migration
  • Change of subsequent adhesion
  • Printability
  • Rub-Off
  • Slip/Friction
  • Die-cutting
  • Bath life/gelling
  • Gloss Problems
  • Oven dust
  • Blocking
  • Telescoping
  • Laminate curl
  • Emulsion coating problems
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