MIRASIL™ Alkyl Silicones

How do silicones bring unique sensory dimensions to cosmetic products ?






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​Alkyl Silicones

Alkyl functionalized silicones have always been important cosmetic additives. Bluestar Silicones offers three essential products in this category - Mirasil™ CAPRYLYL TSO, Mirasil™ CETYL DM, and Mirasil® STEARYL DM - which have drastically different physical properties and benefits for beauty care.

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Mirasil™ Caprylyl TSO

Need Skin and body lotion or cream? Hair and Sun care? Antiperspirant?

Mirasil Caprylyl TSO is an alkyl modified polysiloxane of low viscosity used as emollient. It is compatible with cosmetic oils and waxes with an excellent spreadability. It reduces the rub-on time of creams and lotions and provides a silky after feel.

Mirasil™ Cetyl DM

Need Facial and body lotion? Anti aging? Eyeshadows?

Mirasil Cetyl DM is an alkyl-modified polysiloxane used as an emollient for skin formulations. The combined characteristics of lipid-like organic ingredients and polydimethylsiloxane provides hybrid tactile property, uniform spreadability, smooth glide and broad compatibility with silicone and non-silicone emollients.

Mirasil™ Stearly DM

Need Sun care product? Hair pomades? Hair leave-on conditioning treatments?

Mirasil Stearly DM silicone wax is a soft wax that melts when in contact with skin; thus, creating an extra smooth and silky barrier.  The protective barrier of this product shows water repellency and release property, which are desirable attributes for sunscreens and long wear color cosmetics. In addition, Mirasil STEARYL DM silicone wax contributes a good payout for anhydrous formulations. 

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