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Mirasil ADM Serie

We live in a world where constant changes become our regular adventures. By embracing changes and using these opportunities to empower and push to the next level - whatever these changes may be - will lead to success. One thing we can change easily and that can have a tremendous physical and emotional reward is our hair! Some examples of significant changes are color, texture, length, and style. Even though these changes provide self-fulfillment effect, most of them damage hair. As an evitable result, we are confronted with compromised hair quality.

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Performance Studies

Comfort Hair & Detangler

Combing through your hair with ease feels great and gets you off to a good start in your styling experience. Consumers with curly hair even feel accomplished when this happens. Not only does this reduce hair damage but it also saves time and makes the subsequent styling comfortable and relaxing.

Lasting Cuticles & Smoothness

The hair cuticle integrity and appearance are the fundamental factors controlling shine, smoothness, texture and frizz. Hair cuticles retain the original property and appearance near the root and show cuticle wear near the tip of the hair strand.

Progressive Color & Fading Resistance

It feels amazing to have and maintain hair color that reflects your identity, boosts the appearance or matches personal lifestyle. Effective color protection remains a challenge for consumers. It is ideal to maintain the same hair grooming routine and frequency after consumers have dyed their hair.

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