UV Cure Release Coatings

Elkem Silicones has offered Silcolease™ release coatings for more than 30 years

A Low-odor UV cationic.







The Challenge

The release liner industry uses several silicone release technologies: solvent, emulsion, solventless thermal, UV cationic and UV free radical. Among these, UV silicone technology shows many advantages in terms of flexible use, reduced cost of production and perfect compatibility with filmic backings. Thanks to these advantages, use of UV silicone technology continues to grow.

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Silcolease™ UV CATA 243 

Silcolease™ UV CATA 243 is a low odour photoinitiator used for the polymerization of Silcolease™ UV 200 Series of base polymers.

It may also be used with epoxy resins, vinyl ethers or any other type of oligomer which reacts via a cationic polymerisation mechanism. It is also suited to the formulation of hybrid radical / cationic systems.

It can also be used for the formulation of photopolymers intended for use in applications such as electronics (photoresists etc.), graphic arts (printing plates etc.), composite materials, fibre optics coatings and ink formulations.

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