Silicone Gels as Low Trauma Adhesives

How do innovative silicones improve wound care?





The Challenge

Healthcare manufacturers are constantly looking for enhanced silicone adhesives to make skin-friendly, low-trauma wound care products such as bandages, dressings and surgical tapes. We are dedicated to designing and providing silicone-based soft skin adhesive (SSA) gels that accelerate healing and are easily removable, thus lessening pain for patients and avoiding exacerbation of existing wounds and ulcers.

The main technical requirements for an SSA silicone gel for wound care applications are the following:

  • Biocompatibility

  • Suitability for coating processes : viscosity and cure kinetics of the product

  • High adhesion to skin (no lift) : network designed to provide very high tack, shear and peel adhesion performance levels

  • Adhesion to the substrate (no offset) : silicone anchorage to various substrates (PU films, knitted fabrics, non-woven, etc.)

  • A manufacturing environment suitable for making medical devices Class II​​​

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