Self-Bonding Soft Skin Adhesive

How Elkem Silicones scientists found an innovative self-bonding soft-skin adhesive for wound dressings by refusing to believe it was impossible.

A self bonding soft skin adhesive band aid being removed.




The challenge

Typical wound dressings are an assembly of composite components, combining different types of materials: a backing film for comfort and integrity, an hydrophilic absorbent for managing exudates and an adhesive layer that is designed to guarantee soft adhesion to skin, while remaining elastic and permeable. Soft silicone adhesives combined with polyurethane films are materials of choice for this adhesive layer because they are highly breathable, biocompatible and flexible.

Silicone_Gel_as_Low_Trauma_Adhesives (2).jpg

Silbione™ RT Gel 4645

Silbione™ RT Gel 4645 A&B is a 2-component Soft Skin Adhesive gel typically used to manufacture wound contact layer and adhesive tapes.

Notable features include :

  • Primerless cohesive adhesion to subsutrate like Polyurethanes
  • Quick cure for an increased productivity
  • Biocompatibility according to ISO 10993
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