New tin-free polycondensation silicones

Developing innovative tin-free polycondensation silicones




​The Challenge

Tin catalysts have been used for decades as curing agents in the polycondensation technology used to make RTV-2 silicones and are well known for their efficiency and reliability. However, due to their toxicity identified in recent years, EU Regulations have introduced some restrictions for the use of these organotin compounds and even stricter limitations are expected in the future.

The two main objectives of these regulations are to reduce (and eventually eliminate) toxicity and create a safer working space for operators, both in manufacturing facilities and out-of-factory installations.

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NYKAT : The innovative Tin-Free system

  • Non-toxic classification of its formulation, according to EU standards
  • A safer silicone polycondensation process for safer working conditions  
  • The same excellent performance levels as current polycondensation curing methods in the majority of applications
  • Accelerated curing kinetics to achieve the same pot-life, thus maintaining current working times and shortening the demolding phase. 
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