Lyndcoat™ BR2512

How do innovative silicone formulations enhance bladder release performance?

A BluestarSilicones R&D employee presenting a tire using durable multi-release agents.




The Challenge

Elkem Silicones was contacted by a manufacturer of radial tires for passenger cars and was asked to provide a durable multirelease agent that would provide long-term release performance andbladder protection to ensure productivity, tire quality and durable bladder life.

The requirements included the following quality and process improvement items:

  • Improved tire quality, through the elimination of dirty tire aspect, coming from high amounts of heavily filled inside paints that create mold pollution
  • Reliable release performance to avoid imperfections caused by non-homogeneous release behavior
  • Reduced defect rates through improved air evacuation and bladder centering during bladder inflation and optimal post cure release performance
  • Increased bladder life by protecting the bladder against abrasion, sulfur migration and oxidation
  • A decrease in manpower requirements by reducing laborintensive steps in the production process
  • Lower total costs based on the use of lower volumes of release agents.​

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