Lyndcoat™ BR2512

How do innovative silicone formulations enhance bladder release performance?

A BluestarSilicones R&D employee presenting a tire using durable multi-release agents.




The Challenge

  • Improved tire quality, through the elimination of dirty tire aspect, coming from high amounts of heavily filled inside paints that create mold pollution
  • Reliable release performance to avoid imperfections caused by non-homogeneous release behavior
  • Reduced defect rates through improved air evacuation and bladder centering during bladder inflation and optimal post cure release performance
  • Increased bladder life by protecting the bladder against abrasion, sulfur migration and oxidation
  • A decrease in manpower requirements by reducing labor intensive steps in the production process
  • Lower costs based on the use of lower volumes of release agent.
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Lyndcoat™ BR2512

A solvent free, silicone based, ready to use, inside paint and bladder release agent.

Applied on the inside of the green tire, or directly on the bladder, it combines particularly long lasting multi release and slip with exceptional air bleed performance.

Provide your UHP tire manufacturing workshop with the operational edge it needs while reducing the workload of the operators and number of tires you have to spray.

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