Lyndcoat™ BR2205

for bladder life improvement




The Challenge

The production of tubeless tires is a multistep process. After the preparation of the various rubber compounds, the integration of textile & steel cords and the layer wise assembly, the green tire is cured to the final product we customers will buy. During this curing step the tire structure is "locked in". All the value created during the tire construction would be lost if the curing was faulty causing defects in the cured tire.

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Lyndcoat™ BR2205

To provide the best answer to the requirements of your tire curing operations our experts at Elkem Silicones have developed the durable, filler free, fully transparent and bladder protecting Lyndcoat™ BR2205 multi release formulation.

This modern multi-release agent has been designed to work at low coat weights resulting in a thinner film and reduced consumption. It provides durable slip and a high number of release cycles while avoiding issues with the splice.

Provide reduced defect rates, improved tire balance and operational cleanliness to your tire manufacturing workshop.

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