Low Odor UV Cure Silicone Release Coating

Silcolease™ UV POLY 246

Industrial printer at work on silicone coated paper.







​The Challenge

As a printer or converter of pressure sensitive label products, you may wish to coat your own silicone release coatings for liner less labels, piggyback labels, VIP forms or for cost savings. Applying a silicone coating on a printing press can be challenging, especially if formulation is necessary. Handling and processing of traditional silicone release coating systems requires multiple steps of dispensing, weighing, and mixing separate components prior to use.

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Silcolease™ UV POLY 246

Silcolease™ UV POLY 246, UV cure silicone system is a 100% reactive "ready to use" release coating chemistry based on epoxy-silicone copolymer technology. It is specially designed to produce easy release performance.

Applications related to this Product: Coating, Hygiene, Non-stick coating, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Release Agent, Release Liner

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