Heavy Duty HCR for Automotive

Innovative HCR (High Consistency Rubber) geared to heavy-duty auto applications

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​The Challenge

With increasing performance of nowadays cars and trucks, (In today's high-performance cars and trucks), critical parts under the hood – turbochargers and coolant hoses, exhaust systems, intercooler and engine seals, gaskets – are subjected/exposed to huge temperature fluctuations and peaks. The majority of automotive parts suppliers now demand products for gaskets or seals that can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C. These critical parts must also resist the effects of air pressure, water flow, fuel injection and corrosive fluids.

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Bluesil™ HD 1060 U and HD 1070 U

They provide the best combination of properties for «Heavy Duty» production of turbo hoses, parts for EGR system, gaskets, grommets, spark plug, miscellaneous profiles… by calendering, extrusion, compression and injection molding process (very good compromise of properties, low compression set, high tear and a good oil resistance).

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