Bluesil FRC 8470

Innovative HCR in safety cables saves lives.

A low smoke zero halogeen cable (LSZH) in fire.




​The Challenge

Most deaths occure in fire incident by an owercome of gas or smoke. The average time from ignition to flashover (when fatalities become possible) has gone from 15 minutes in 1950 to 3 minutes today, simply because we have more plastics where we live and work.  

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It is a silicone rubber which cures heat, after addition of a vulcanization agent. Silicone master-batch, heat curing after addition of a vulcanization agent (chosen according to the transformation process).

Example of Applications

  • ​BLUESIL FRC 8470 U is the ideal material for the insulation of fire-resistant safety cables.
  • BLUESIL FRC 8470 U, although especially recommended for cabling, can be processed using traditional techniques and on equipment widely found in the rubber industry.
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