New silicone based antifoams help produce cost-efficient pulp.

A blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles.




The Challenge

Foam control is a key requirement for manufacturers in many industries, and in particular pulp making, where there is a growing demand for antifoam emulsions able to reduce total costs of operations with improved pulp quality.

Companies servicing the pulp industry demand the following performance features for starting compounds used in high performance emulsions:

  • The lowest viscosity for easy handling and emulsification
  • High antifoam performance levels in knock down and long-lasting durability
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  • Making processes more efficient and cleaner
  • Improving the quality of final products
  • Reducing waste and energy consumption
  • Increasing production rate & pulp quality
  • Protecting people and equipment by reducing cavitation, spillage and other hazards.
  • Complying with regulations Pulp & Paper  
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