Heavy Duty HCR for Automotive

Innovative HCR (High Consistency Rubber) geared to heavy-duty auto applications

Picture of an automotive motor.




​The Challenge

In today's high performance cars and trucks, critical parts under the hood – turbochargers and coolant hoses, exhaust systems, intercooler and engine seals, gaskets – are subjected to huge temperature fluctuations and peaks. The majority of automotive parts suppliers now demand products for gaskets or seals that can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C. These critical parts must also resist the effects of air pressure, water flow, fuel injection and corrosive fluids.

At these extreme temperatures, standard silicone HCR suffers from diminished mechanical performance levels. When using these traditional silicones, parts suppliers and manufacturers must therefore find a trade-off between tear resistance and compression set at high temperature. The challenge is to create innovative HCR formulations that achieve the best balance between these two critical factors. Also, these advanced silicone products must be easy to use in a wide range of processes, such as extrusion, calendering or injection molding, in line with customers' industrial capacities.​

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