Defoamer for Chemical Industries

For a chemical industry using less essential resources.

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The Challenge

Increasingly stringent regulations for the chemical industry

The chemical industry is being asked to produce sustainable products that use less essential resources, such as water and energy. The industry must also comply with increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations. At the same time, chemical manufacturers are producing a growing range of products using very different processes, such as polymerization or distillation. For end users, these products must offer innovative and high-quality features and be produced cost-effectively. Defoamer ingredients play an essential role in achieving these different goals.

Why us

30 years of defoamer expertise to fully support you

For over 30 years, we have been developing and producing our full-range line of Silcolapse™ foam control formulation ingredients and processing aids for major clients worldwide. These ingredients (antifoams, defoamers and deaerators) are used to control and regulate foam in numerous processes, such as synthesis, distillation, transfer and filtration, as well as in industrial wastewater management. Our experts are available to advise you upstream and make sure that our defoamer ingredients do exactly what’s needed in your specific manufacturing processes. Downstream, we also provide all the information and certifications needed to comply with regulatory obligations.


Defoamers efficient in the most demanding processes

Our foam control emulsions are designed to be efficient in the most demanding processes, including high acid or very alkaline environments. They are easy to use and disperse, help to save water and energy and reduce environmental and safety risks, such as overflow or eye irritation. Above all, they contribute to the improvement of our customers’ final products and are used in many industries:


 Associated Products



SILCOLAPSE 422/our_offer/Product/90000588/_/SILCOLAPSE-422 SILCOLAPSE 422 is a non ionic emulsion based on a dimethylpolysiloxane oil, designed for industrial use only. This is a 10 % product and is particularly recommended for the suppression or control of foam in aqueous media.Additive;AntifoamEmulsionSILCOLAPSE 422
SILCOLAPSE 426R/our_offer/Product/90000589/_/SILCOLAPSE-426R SILCOLAPSE 426R is a non-ionic aqueous emulsion based on polydimethylsiloxane oil. It has 30% active matter content and is recommended for the prevention, control or elimination of foam in aqueous systems.Additive;AntifoamEmulsionSILCOLAPSE 426R
SILCOLAPSE RG 12/our_offer/Product/90058159/_/SILCOLAPSE-RG-12 SILCOLAPSE RG 12 is a 10 % active silicone emulsion, designed to control foam in aqueous or alcoholic media, or surfactant mixtures.Additive;AntifoamEmulsionSILCOLAPSE RG 12