The Mirasil™ difference

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Offering performance and comfort to our consumers for Skin care, Hair care, Antiperspirant & Deodorants, this is why we decided to develop Mirasil.  A large brand that produce cost-effective, safe, high-quality, high-purity and easy-to-use silicone products that deliver the features they're looking for.  

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Hair Care

Are you looking for your best hair day?

Consumers have a great need for consistency and effectiveness in hair care products. Frizz control, color protection and thermal styling protection are the top three benefits that consumers find a particularly high value to the creativity of casual or extreme hair styles.

Skin Care Additives

Silicones are known as the best in class ingredients to boost tactile properties in broad ranges of skin care products. Through Elkem Silicones' diversified silicone technologies, Mirasil™ Skin Care Additives, we empower you to create differentiated skin care products that give a delightful experience to the consumer. 

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