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CAF™ products (also known as RTV-1) are one component silicone elastomers that cure at room temperature:

  • As soon as the product comes into contact with atmospheric moisture
  • The cure rate increases with temperature and ambient humidity level

 The CAF™ Activated AXAD & Bluesil™ ESA Products involves a two components system curing at room temperature.

The CAF™ AXAD technology contains:

  • An accelerator (PART B) added to
  • CAF™ acetoxy (one component room temperature vulcanizing, PART A)

The Bluesil™ ESA 8352 A&B is a quick curing two-component room temperature vulcanising silicone elastomer. It is chemically neutral.

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Functions and applications examples


  • Microwaves oven: Bonding of double-glazing insulation & Bonding of front panel Adhesion
  • Vitroceramic Hobs: Bonding hobs on metal/plastic frames & Bonding of hobs with visible gasket
  • Ovens: Bonding of inner, outer glasses / insulation & Bonding of brackets, profile metallic elements


  • Washing machine: Sealing during drum assembly
  • Iron: Sealing & bonding of steam chamber, water box and ironing sole
  • Electrical resistance: Maintain standard or high-performance resistance
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