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​Customized silicones for personalized applications

Silicones from Elkem Silicones have become the material of choice in industrial applications.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing also known as 3D Printing opens up new horizons for the use of Silicones as a new high performance material. From creating new alternatives in Prototyping to low volume/small manufacturing as well as the possibility to achieve highly complicated or customized designs Additive Manufacturing combined with the properties of silicones will allow to respond to unmet needs.

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The AMSil™ Silbione 20 000 series

This series finds its use in restricted medical applications.

The series comprises:

  • 1-component systems AMSil™ 20 100 series
  • multi-component systems AMSil™ 20 500 series
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