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Silicone Solutions with a Personal Touch

When it comes to making or building something, silicones get involved. Silicones are used in a wide variety of industries. Find your industry and discover what silicones can do for you.  

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AgricultureBack of an agriculture truck spreading agrichemical on a field.Silicone to help agriculture meet the challenge of feeding the world.Agriculture
Art & FoundryArt foundry using silicone for the lost wax casting process.Silicone is an ideal art & foundry material for use when modelling.Art & Foundry
ChemicalsSynthesis, Performance and Process. Discover silicone the key aid for chemical processes.Chemicals
ConstructionConstruction silicone to keep buildings dry and energy efficient.Construction
Electrical & ElectronicElectrical and electronic silicones grade protecting our wired world.Electrical & Electronic
EnergySilicone enabling and empowering energy in all its forms.Energy
Food & BeverageSilicones are the secret ingredient for Packaging, Labels and Kitchen Tools.Food & Beverage
Home & Personal CareA beautiful woman looking at herself in the mirror while applying cosmetics.Silicones delivering sustainable beauty & comfortHome & Personal Care
Life ScienceA young boy kissing the cheek of a smiling young girl wearing a green band-aid on her forehead. Silicones the dependable, safe and biocompatible material for life science.Life Science
Pulp & PaperThik blue paper half rolled up letting light go through.From Pulp to Specialty Paper. Silicones coatings add value.Pulp & Paper
Silicone RubberClose on multiple coloured cables.Silicone Rubber the story of Polymers helping PolymersSilicone Rubber
Textiles & LeatherClose on a black leather seat.Silicone softeners, water-repellents and coatings.Textiles & Leather
TransportationPicture of a metro transportation station with a blured filter to give a speed impression.Keeping the world moving.Transportation

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