Food & Beverage

Silicones are the secret ingredient for Packaging, Labels and Kitchen Tools.

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 Set of muffins wrapped in bakery release paper using BluestarSilicones silicones



Silicone Solutions for Food & Beverage

Silicones offer nonstick, inert and heat-resistant properties the food & beverage industry depends upon for safe and hygienic cooking, baking, food preparation and food packaging.

You can depend on our specially designed Silcolease™ and Bluesil™​ silicones to deliver the unparalleled non-stick performance your applications require. Inert and odor free, these silicones do not alter the taste of foods or beverages that come into contact with them. The safety and biocompatibility of silicones means that they are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements for industrial and household cooking applications.

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Food and Beverage