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We care about your well-being

Consumers want home care products that clean and polish, and cosmetics that condition, protect, repair, make you look and feel good. Home care, cosmetics and beauty care manufacturers know they can count on the Bluesil™ and Mirasil™ ranges of silicone chemistries to create the formulations they need to satisfy these very demanding markets.

Our Mirasil™​​ line of silicones are used to condition and protect hair, to provide a resistant soft and silky touch for skin care and sun creams, a soft and dry feel for deodorants and uniform coverage as well as durability to color cosmetics. With laboratories and production centers in Europe, the US, Brazil and China, our experts are available to examine your needs and provide you with safe, high-quality, high-purity and easy-to-use silicone products that deliver the features you're looking for.

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Home & Personal Care