Silicone enabling and empowering energy in all its forms.

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Two photovoltaic energy panels with behind a blue sky with few clouds.



Keeping the energy sectors energy efficient

The world's energy needs are generated by a wide variety of sources. Traditional sources like oil, gas, coal and nuclear power plants, while renewable energy is generated by hydro, solar and wind power. In all sectors, energy providers know they can count on the very high performance levels and long-term durability of Elkem Silicones for electrical insulation, fire resistance, adhesion, molding, sealing, bonding, and potting parts for their components.

Our products cover the needs all energy producers:

  • Fossil Fuels
    • Bluesil™ engineered elastomers for reliable thermal protection and insulation.
    • Silcolapse™ silicone antifoaming agents used in drilling, recovery, transportation and oil & gas refining processes.
  • Biofuels
    • Silcolapse™ ​antifoams used in the production of biofuels like biodiesel and ethanol.
  • Nuclear
    • Bluesil™ engineered elastomers for manufacturing radiation shields for nuclear power plants.
  • Solar
    • Bluesil™ and CAF™​ sealants for the assembly of photovoltaic solar modules, and for the for sealing, bonding and potting of electrical components.
  • Wind
    • Bluesil™ silicone solutions used for infusion molding of composite materials used in windmill blades.
    • Silcolease™ release coatings for the manufacture of composite pre-preg liner used in layup of wind power components.
  • Electric Grids
    • Power distribution and transmission, Bluesil™ silicone elastomers used to manufacture insulators and safety cables,


Discover the video about wind energy from CES - Silicones Europe

Product solving



Aeronautics & AerospacePicture of a jet engine.Silicone for aerospace engineering excellence.Aeronautics & Aerospace
NuclearFire resistant silicone to protect nuclear power plants.Nuclear
Oil & GasTwo oil well with a pink sky at sunset time.Silicone products to improve oil and gas equipment performances.Oil & Gas
Rubber ManufacturingPicture of a yellow rubber mask and tuba.Innovative Silicone Elastomers for Rubber Manufacturing.Rubber Manufacturing
SolarAt the fore front the top of a wooden table, at th background trees letting through some solar sunbeam.Sustaining Solar Energy.Solar
Wire & CableCable with smoke coming out due to short circuit.Providing safe and reliable solutions for wires and cables.Wire & Cable



Defoamer for Chemical IndustriesA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles -for-Chemical-Industries.aspxDefoamer for Chemical IndustriesFor a chemical industry using less essential resources.™.aspx



Picture of a car engine being jump-started. wire to replace externally sourced cables.



Silicones for Electronics PottingA computer circuit being inducted of silicone potting layer. for Electronics PottingPower electronics devices using IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) operate at up to 200°C, that only new high temperature silicone-based potting materials can resist.
Bluesil FRC 8470A low smoke zero halogeen cable (LSZH) in fire. FRC 8470Innovative HCR in safety cables saves lives.