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Elkem Silicones for building the future

Professionals in the construction sector, whether they are erecting new buildings or renovating old ones, need high-performance and cost-effective silicones for a wide range of applications. Silicones are used in the formulation of paints, bonding materials, sealants, cable insulators, as well as for architectural molding to replicate stone and marble. Elkem Silicones has been supplying innovative high performance, cost effective and easy-to-use products to the construction industry for over 50 years.

For new buildings and in renovation, we provide a full range of solutions:

  • Bluesil® architectural paint for enhanced colors and long-lasting protection

  • Bluesil® water repellent ingredients for long-lasting protection and reliability

  • Buesil® sealants for flexible joints between construction materials as well as for waterproofing windows, doors, facades etc.

  • Bluesil® silicone based raw materials for the formulation of construction materials

  • Bluesil® elastomers for profiles, cables, architectural molding etc.

  • Bluesil® RTV-2 for replication of stones and other construction materials

Our expert teams can provide advice on the choice of products, hands-on training for your technicians and operators, and assistance for dealing with regulatory and compliance issues.


Discover the video about the construction revolution from CES - Silicones Europe



Product solving



AdhesivesThree adhesive roller.Flexible, durable and versatile silicone answers for your adhesive needs.Adhesives
Architectural MoldingPicture of the inside of a bathroom with old style Elkem Silicones Architectural Molding Solutions.Architectural Molding
Construction SealantA construction with multi-coloured windows.Elkem Silicones Construction Sealant Solutions.Construction Sealant
Paint & CoatingsVarious coloured open tubes of painting.​How do Elkem Silicones improve paints and coatings?Paint & Coatings
Rubber ManufacturingPicture of a yellow rubber mask and tuba.Innovative Silicone Elastomers for Rubber Manufacturing.Rubber Manufacturing
SolarAt the fore front the top of a wooden table, at th background trees letting through some solar sunbeam.Sustaining Solar Energy.Solar
TapeTransparent tape.Self-adhesive Tape SiliconesTape
Technical TextilesA waterrepealent red technical textile with drop of water beading on it without infiltrating.Silicones are ideal for coating technical textiles. They are versatile, easy to process and provide durable and innovative performance features. Technical Textiles
Water TreatmentA water purification plant using Bluestar Silicones Silcolapse foam control agents.Silcolapse® foam control agents reduce and eliminate foam in your water purification processes.Water Treatment
Wire & CableCable with smoke coming out due to short circuit.Providing safe and reliable solutions for wires and cables.Wire & Cable



Low Smoke Zero Halogen CablesSet of safety cables (LSZH) taking fire. Smoke Zero Halogen CablesLow Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables release very limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to sources of heat. We have developed customized silicone rubber insulator formulations that blend master batches and fire resistant additives.



Bluesil silicone brand logo.
Mix&Fix silicone brand logo
Silcolapse silicone brand logo
Silcolease silicone brand logo.®.aspx



Picture of a car engine being jump-started. ABBADIGlobal Business ManagerSilicone wire to replace externally sourced cables.



Bluesil FRC 8470A low smoke zero halogeen cable (LSZH) in fire. FRC 8470Innovative HCR in safety cables saves lives.



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