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Two product lines to improve Crops and Plants

Silicone ingredients are essential in meeting the agricultural challenges to feed the world. Agrochemicals, which protect and enhance crops, often produce foam that hinders their efficiency and application on plants. Silcolapse® silicone foam control agents and Bluesil® silicone surfactants enhance manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate spreading and wetting performances on the plant. All our ingredients for crop and plant treatments are safe for people and the environment and comply with national and international regulatory standards. Our experts are available worldwide to advise you and work collaboratively with you to find the solutions which will fit your needs.

Our ingredients are used in a wide range of agrichemical applications and at all stages in the manufacturing and growing process, as processing aids and formulation ingredients, as in can or tank mix adjuvants.

Silcolapse® silicone foam control agents are used for:

  • Crop protection products such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant nutrients (fertilizers) and plant growth regulators

  • Home and garden applications

Bluesil® silicone surfactants are used for:

  • Crop protection & crop nutrition as super spreaders and wetting agents. They improve the efficiency of actives in plants with super spreading performances

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Crop ScienceAn abstract irrigation pivot in a crop field.​How do Elkem Silicones products improve Crop Sciences?Crop Science
Water TreatmentA water purification plant using Bluestar Silicones Silcolapse foam control agents.Silcolapse® foam control agents reduce and eliminate foam in your water purification processes.Water Treatment



Defoamer for Chemical IndustriesA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles -for-Chemical-Industries.aspxDefoamer for Chemical IndustriesThe chemical industry has to produce a growing range of sustainable products using very different processes that use less essential resources. Our Silcolapse® line is used as a defoamer in numerous processes.



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