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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Tammy-Black.aspx2016-10-12T16:56:59ZTammy Black

"Bluestar Silicones is my home away from home; we work like a family around here – honesty, respect and commitment is what we value."

Tammy Black, Chemical Operator 

My journey with Bluestar began about 2 years ago in York, South Carolina. I started the job working in the clean room and my duties were to simply follow the safety procedures, while my team and I worked to maintain the equipment materials and products on site.

Flexibility is one of Bluestar's stronger qualities – Bluestar is prepared to work WITH you, they make it comfortable for their employees. I came into Bluestar unaware that I could possibly hold another position. Now, I am Chemical Operator located in York, I work closely with major medical materials and I am constantly learning new information.

The environment at Bluestar is comforting and we work very close with one another. I've been exposed to different training activities in order to further my knowledge about the workplace. It is a great place to learn and unleash your ideas. Personally, I've gained knowledge in areas I never thought I would.

Another positive about Bluestar is the function of our upper management; these employees have your back. In order to stay connected with all other employees, we participate in cross training, to understand the activity and regulations in other departments.

One of the many interesting tasks I've been assigned to at Bluestar that stood out to me is known as Long Term Implantable, which is described as a higher medical grade product. In this process, we are working with silicone that will be used to create tubes that are made to be placed inside your body for health reasons. I like to learn – I am a very 'hands on' type of person so the job works in my favor.

As I mentioned, Bluestar Silicones is my home away from home; we work like a family around here – honesty, respect and commitment is what we value. I could describe my team as free spirited and engaged. We work to get the job done, with cautious efforts and much attention to detail. Both positive and negative feedback is valued while working with a team, everyone has a different way of working and communication is key.

The job has only encouraged me to want to learn it all and I thank Bluestar Silicones International for furthering my career path.