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"Everyone works hard toward a common goal and supports each other on a daily basis."

Mike Goglia, Senior Account Representative, United States 

What I enjoy most about working for Bluestar is the comradery with my co-workers.  Everyone works hard toward a common goal and supports each other on a daily basis.  From a sales standpoint, we have to work with many different departments within the organization. Having their support makes achieving our goals much easier to accomplish.

When I interviewed for Bluestar I was sort of at a crossroads in my career path.   I had been in IT sales for the previous 7 years and had done very well but wasn't necessarily happy. I was looking for a change to an environment I would enjoy more.  Having no silicones experience at the time, I was on the fence about the position, but having talked with many different people within the organization I was excited about the long tenure of many of the employees.  I had been looking for a place where I could spend a large portion of my career and not jump around from company to company.  It is a very dynamic company with a flat management structure.  I enjoy having the ability to go directly to the president of North America, if need be, with an issue.  There are also plenty of opportunities for career advancement into different areas within the company.  There is a very positive work environment and there is flexibility for work/life balance.

Three benefits that I have observed or experienced are as follows.  First, I enjoy the ability to do something different on a daily basis.  I get to see many areas of the country as well as meet new people on a daily basis.  Second, the dependent care Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) is a great help since I have young children in daycare.  Last is the ability to juggle family time with my work schedule.  Even though I am gone some weeks for days at time, when I am not traveling, I can generally be home to get my children on or off the bus or to a doctor's appointment, if need be. 

I started out at as a Sales Representative I, which is basically an introductory sales position.  Having no silicones/chemicals experience it was a big change for me.  Since then, I have had three promotions and am currently a Senior Account Representative.   This has allowed me to have more responsibility for global customers and to continue to grow my responsibility internally.  I have been able to advance mainly by learning from my peers.  I have been given a lot of support from various departments within the organization and have been able to learn a lot about the silicone industry and sales techniques.

During my time with Bluestar, the most interesting task I have been a part of was the Bluestar AMBITION project.  This was a team of individuals with varying levels of seniority from different functions within the organization.  As a group, we were tasked with developing a plan to grow the organization and updating the support functions needed to achieve this growth.  It was very rewarding to have been chosen and to have had an impact on our growth.

My work has been recognized by a number of functions within the organization.  I have been given three promotions and an achievement award to date. I also have received positive feedback from sales management and our marketing teams.  Lastly, I have been offered opportunities to do different things within the organization and grow my career.

I hope to continue in a sales role for the time being and grow my territory, learn new technologies and partner with my peers.  I would like to continue to take on additional responsibilities and at some point in time move to a marketing and/or business development role.

The work culture at Bluestar is one that generates a hard working yet fun environment. The company can be serious when it's appropriate but also lets loose when the time is right.  We have a very diverse work force with people of all skill levels, nationalities, and age.  Everyone is willing to help out and offer assistance when it's needed to continue the company advancement. For others considering joining Bluestar, it can be an exciting and challenging career path.  Everyone works hard here but there is also room for downtime.  The organization is growing immensely, offering many opportunities for career advancement or change.   We are large enough that there is plenty of room for growth but still small enough where you can personally make an impact in the organization.