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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Megan-Chin.aspx2017-01-28T20:31:07ZMegan Chin

"​Everyone gets along, like a family, and is very passionate about what they do."

Megan Chin, Student Shadow, New Jersey, USA 

During my time as a Shadow in the Human Resources department at Bluestar Silicones, I enjoyed being able to sit in on meetings discussing employee hiring and training. Experiences like that cannot be taught in the classroom and can only be obtained through actually going into an office. I also enjoyed sitting in on phone interviews with members of Human Resources, which taught me what companies are looking for and how they personalize interviews with different candidates. Along with meetings regarding interviews, I was also lucky to observe training for a Human Resources representative from South Carolina. It showed me the hands-on responsibilities of the job that cannot be found in a textbook nor learned through lectures.

I would describe Bluestar as an open company where the employees are very encouraging and supportive of one another. Everyone gets along, like a family, and is very passionate about what they do. I personally like seeing how the company requires communication with branches in other countries to ensure that communication between all the branches is clear. In my eyes, this transparency amongst the branches is necessary to run a multinational company.

A key lesson that I learned from this shadowing experience that could help in a future internship or job position is to start a LinkedIn account and keep an eye out for all different types of opportunities. LinkedIn offers suggestions of job opportunities that you may not necessarily think are something you are looking for, but may turn out to be of interest to you once you give it a chance.

One of my biggest takeaways is to keep asking questions about anything and everything. You never know what you’ll learn unless you ask. I was able to learn more by asking questions and experiencing a real work environment at Bluestar Silicones than by sitting in a lecture hall. I watched many employees complete their day-to-day jobs and grow accustomed to what it is like to work after graduation.